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----2010 Events:

April 15th-18th
Wavy Will be at the Sonoma Film festival for a screening for 'Saint Misbehavin'. Click here for a complete list of films.

April 17th
Join Wavy at the Second Annual Grace and Joy Scholorship Program Fundraising Brunch. Click here for details.

May 13, 14, 15 and 16th
Join Wavy at the Vancouver DOXA film festival to Screen 'Saint Misbehavin' on Wavy Gravy's Birthday!

May 17
'Saint Misbehavin' Screening at Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco with Wavy Gravy.

June 4, 5 and 6th
'Saint Misbehavin' Screening at the Mendocino Film Festival (8pm saturday) with Wavy Gravy. Check it out!

June 13th
Just announced: Wavy Gravy Allstar Band! A special Concert at the Great American Music Hall featuring The Animal Liberation Orchestra, Billy Kreutzmann, Mickey Hart, Steve Kimock and much more!

June 25th, 26th and 27th
Wavy Gravy will be at the Black Oak Ranch for the Kate Wolf Music Festival featuring Little Feat, Ani De Franco, Steve Earle and much more!

June 29th - July 1st
Wavy Gravy will MC the Gathering of the Vibes in Bridgeport, CT. Featuring Primus, Jimmy Cliff and much more.

September 17th, 18th and 19
Wavy Gravy will MC the Earth Dance Festival at the Black Oak Ranch. This will be the last year at the Black Oak Ranch. Don't Miss it!

----2009 Events:

Seva Invites You to Celebrate the Holidays!
Saturday Dec. 12th 2009 - Featuring the David Nelson Band, Moonalice & The Rowan Borthers. Join Wavy Gravy and secure your ticket today!

Wavy Gravy Decaupaged Furniture
Check out Wavy's latest creations as he creates fantastic unique custome furniture.

Saint Misbehavin': The Wavy Gravy Movie is premiering August 14th thru 20th in New York and L.A. as part of DocuWeeks Academy Award Qualifying run! See the film that Indiewire called “Perfectly executed and hugely entertaining” and Michael Moore described as "Wonderful...a moving tribute to a man who today lives his life at the service of others. Everyone at my film festival loved this movie!"

Ripple Effect Films is thrilled to announce the World Premiere of "SAINT MISBEHAVIN' THE LIFE & TIME OF WAVY GRAVY" at SXSW 2009 FILM & MUSIC FESTIVAL!!

Wavy Gravy will be there in person for the big premiere and participating in events throughout the festival!. The screening times are listed on the website under Special Screenings, where you will find theater location and information. Saint Misbehavin' will screen on March 14th, 17th and 21st. Wavy will be at all screenings and doing a Q & A with filmmakers after the screening.

2008 Events:


On Thursday May 15th, Wavy Gravy will celebrate his 72nd Birthday with a Benefit for Camp Winnarainbow at The Throckmorton Theater in the heart of Mill Valley.

This concert is


- Moonalice with G.E. Smith, Pete Sears, Barry Sless, Jimmy Sanchez, Roger & Ann McNamee and special guests Mickey Hart & Barry Melton
- Jonathan Richman
- David Nelson
- Ramblin’ Jack Elliot
- Emory Joseph & Woody Vermeire

- Wavy Gravy & the Clown Conspiracy

More information

July 31- Aug. 2 Wavy makes his annual trek to one of his fav fests, Gathering of the Vibes at Seaside Park in Bridgeport CT. Always a stellar line-up.

Aug. 29- 31 Nelson Ledges Quarry - Grateful Weekend. Now this is one heck of an intimate party where the stage is about 40 yards from a pristine quarry lake where you float on a raft and hear the music when you want to cool off. Wavy was there 2 years ago and had a blast. About an hour from Cleveland OH.

Mark your calendar for our yearly Open House.
The 2008 Open House will be held Saturday March 1st between 3 and 5pm
at the Berkeley Unitarian Fellowship Hall on the corner of Cedar and Bonita.
Many of our veteran campers and their families will be attending.
Invite your friends and introduce them to Camp Winnarainbow!
Attend, or participate in the fabulous Tornado of Talent!
Light refreshments will be served.

2007 Events:

Wavy Gravy on the ebay auction block today through December 3rd
Win this auction and Wavy Gravy, the host and M.C. of the original
Woodstock Festival will host your very own Woodstock Party!

The 40th Anniversary of Woodstock is around the corner & to help raise
funds for the production of the Wavy Gravy documentary “Saint Misbehavin’
(more about that below) Wavy himself has agreed to be auctioned off !

That’s right--Wavy will come to your party, Woodstock DVD in hand, as host
and master of ceremonies. He’ll tell stories about Woodstock and his other
legendary encounters, sing a song, read poetry, sign anything you or your
friends would like, bless your space—and even have a private meal with you
and your special guests. And the winner will receive a “special thanks” in
the credits of “Saint Misbehavin.”

Bid Here

Camp Winnarainbow Open House
March 3rd between 3 and 5pm
at the
Unitaraian Fellowship Hall on the corner
of Cedar and Bonita, in Berkeley. Bring
your friends and participate in the
world famous TORNADO OF TALENT!

Open House Info: 510-525-4304


March 31st -
Dead Heads Land Yukotopia, (Tokyo)
Phone 03-3886-2996
More info
Ticket: 4200 yen, 4800(at door)
Door: 18:30 start : 19:00
OPENING BAND: Meltone, Tak & Aki and more Hippie Bands

April 1st
Dead Heads Land Yukotopia, (Tokyo)
Phone 03-3886-2996
More info
Ticket: 4800yen, 4800yen(at door)
Door: 15:00 Start: 16:00
OPENING BAND: The Big Frog, ha-za-ma,Ken & Reflections,
and more Hippie Bands
Ticket Info:
Emerald Triangle (Kanagawa) 042-851-6004
More info

Dead Heads Land Yokotopia, (Tokyo)
Phone 03-3886-2996
More info

Kef Kashiwa(Chiba) 04-7131-1125

Shanti Glass(Chiba) 0470-98-1777
More info

Fool the Hermit(Osaka) 06-6536-1167
More info

Wavy Gravy's Japan Tour Info:

18-1 Apartment Mathugae 209, Mathugae-cho
Sagamihara-City, kanagawa, Japan
Phone 042-851-6004
ET website

April 5-9
Wavy Gravy will make a special guest emcee appearance
at the Byron Bay Blues Fest - Australia. He'll join some
of his close personal friends Bonnie Raitt, Taj Mahal,
Ben Harper, Ozomotli way down under.

Aug.10-12 - Catch Wavy at one his favorite festivals Gathering of the Vibes - new
venue: Bridgeport CT.

June 2 Art Show - The Collage Art of Wavy Gravy
at the San Geronimo Vallley Cultural Center
San Geronimo CA 415-488-8888

2006 Events:

Wavy Gravy at Santa Fe Film Festival
December 6th -10th, 2006

Saint Misbehavin' The LIfe & Time of Wavy Gravy has been invited to show their
work-in-progress at The Santa Fe Film Festival!

Wavy Gravy and filmmaker Michelle Esrick are going to the festival and will
be at both screenings.

Screening times and theaters are:
December 6th, at 7pm at the Scottish Rite Temple
December 10th at 10am at the Forum Theater.

Q&A After each screening. Come meet Wavy Gravy and Filmmaker Michelle Esrick!
For more info go to

For more info on Saint Misbehavin' The Life & Time of Wavy Gravy,
you may visit


(Woodstock NY) October 9, 2006 – The Woodstock
Film Festival announced today that Saint Misbehavin’
The Life & Time of Wavy Gravy, director Michelle Esrick’s
work in progress about the clown prince of the ‘60’s
generation, will screen during the seventh annual filmfest
which kicks off Wednesday, Oct. 11-15..

The screening of the film, about the man whose name
was forever linked to Woodstock as the merry keeper of the
peace at the historic 1969 music festival, will be
celebrated by the return to Woodstock of Wavy Gravy
himself, who is scheduled to attend the screening,
with special guests.

The work-in-progress will screen Sunday,
October 15th at 4 PM at the Woodstock Town Hall.

More info...

Check out this short film made by Wavy's son,
that documents the magic that took place at Wavy Gravy's
70th Birthday Party

Wavy Gravy will be Emceeing the 'First Annual Hippie Fest'!
You can join him at these events:

8/4/2006 / Meadowbrook Music Arts Center, Gilford, N H 
8/10 Canadaquia NY near Rochester
8/11/2006 / Mountain Laurel Center, Bushkill, P A
8/12/2006 / Seven Springs Resort, Champion, P A
8/13/2006 / Brookhaven  Amph. , Farmingville, NY
8/25 Hartford CT - Verizon Amp
8/27 DTE Energy Music Theater - Clarkson MI

9/15-17 Earth Dance
Laytonville CA 

Sept. 29-30 Heller School -  Brandeis University
Waltham MA
guest speaker on social change & activism thru humor.

18-19-20 Gathering of the Vibes Fest 
Wavy returns to emcee at his favorite east coast festival
Gathering of the Vibes. Mariahville NY  

Sun. March 19 -
Plaza in downtown Sebastopol CA. Anti-war rally.
Wavy MC 12-3 PM

Sun March 19 -
Wavy joins in roasting long time friend 
Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane fame etc.
at the Sweetwater in Mill Valley CA . 9 PM.

Sun March 19 -
Gravy spreads himself thin in also honoring
recently departed longtime friend and 
Bay Area music critic Phil Elwood at the
Great American Music Hall in SF. 8 PM

April 1 - The Clown Prince joins the annual
St. Stupid's Day Parade in downtown SF.  Noon.

April 1- Oscard's Feast - 'The Purple & White Ball' 
234 Hyde St. San Francisco 6 PM.  Sponsored by the Faithful Fools.

Sat. May 20 -
Wavy celebrates his ascension to official geezerhood for his
70th B-day (actual date 5/15) with lot's of musical friends for
the annual SEVA Benf. Berkeley Community Theater.
details upcoming. Hold that date.



November 12th - Fundraiser
San Geronimo Valley Community Center
A Celebration of the 60's in San Francisco
Nov. 12th from 3;00 - 11:00 pm
sliding scale $10-$20 adults ---$7 children (5-12)
Special Guest WAVY GRAVY

October 17th - Art Opening
The Art of Gerry Garcia and Wavy Gravy
540 west 27th, 4th floor
NY NY 10001

Aug. 12-14
Wavy will be at Gathering of the Vibes
Mariaville NY


June 11-19 2005
Come hang out with Wavy at
Camp Winnarainbow for adults!

Click here for more information.

May 5 
Wavy Will be at George Washington Bookstore & Tavern
Concod NC with Corinne West

May 6th - Art Opening
Temple Ball Gallery 5- 8 PM
307 E. Main Street
Carrboro NC 27510

May 7th - Art Opening
Temple Ball Gallery
8-11 PM
Wavy G. Spoken Word/Gravy in Your Ear along with a musical performance by Corinne West

March 18th - Art Opening
TROUT FARM - Storefront.

5 PM - 8 PM  music etc.
See Wavy at the opening on March 17th


wavy will be at these locations:

Sept. 17-19  Earthdance - Laytonville CA
Sept. 25 Hoodstock  Hood River OR  10-4 PM
Oct. 6 - Henfling's Ben Lomand CA  8 PM with Baby Gramps
Oct. 8 - Odeon in San Francisco CA  8 PM with Baby Gramps
Oct. 14 Starry Plough Berkeley CA 9 PM with Baby Gramps  

Michael Franti awarded Wavy a peace award at the 'power to the peacefull' concert in the park.

Here is a photo of Michael Franti, Wavy, and and the artist who designed the award.

Interested in helping spread the word that peace IS patriotic?
Then click here and help us spread messages of peace and raise FUNds
for the campaign to defeat George Bush! CLICK HERE

We have a great FUNdraiser for Kids Camp on the way!
It will take place Friday & Saturday May 21 and 22. Heres the details.

Also around the corner is a FUNdraiser for

Rainbow Rising Youth Project on Sunday, June 6th. Check it out!

Wavy Arrested at Death Penalty Protest
Wavy, who was participating in a demonstration in support of condemned prisoner
Kevin Cooper, was arrested Tuesday for blocking the gates to San Quentin prison,
where the convicted quadruple murderer is scheduled to die by lethal injection just
after midnight next Tuesday. Join Wavy Gravy and other activists on Tuesday night
( the 9th) for a vigil at San Quentin Prison. Your support in this matter is needed.
We hope to see you thereand be sure to tell a friend.

The story of the arrest can be read here.


Camp Winnarainbow Enrollments
Once again Wavy will be at Camp Winnarainbow bringing laughter and
fun to people of all ages. Enrollments for Kids Camp, Winnarainbow for adults
and Rainbow Rising Youth Project have begun!

To enroll visit Camp Winnarainbow

Wavy makes a guest appearance
at the 'Spit in the Ocean' Merry Prankster Tour to the Bay Area
as a memorial to the Great Prankster in the Sky...Ken Kesey.
The Further Bus pulls into the Bay Area from Nov. 19-22 or so.

Wavy will be at the Booksmith on Haight Street
Nov. 19 at 7 PM, Nov. 20 at the Sebastopol Community Center,
390 Morris in Sebastopol of course..7 PM
and then at Cody's Books on Telegraph in Berkeley on Nov. 22 8 PM.

Dec. 13 Wavy hosts at the Berkeley Community Theater
to honor the 25th Anniversary of the SEVA Foundation,
a benefit Concert with Jackson Brown, Steve Earle,
Buffy St. Maire, Hamsa el-Din and The Dead...
plus special guests.

Jan. 10 An eve with Wavy G. & Friends.
FunRaiser at the Sonoma High School Auditorium. details to follow.

Rest in peace warron zevon

Labor Day Sept. 1 Yerba Buena Gardens
- Honoring Labor Folk Concert details to be announced.

Wavy Gravy will be at the Whole Earth Festival
UC Davis, Ca. On May 10th
More information here!

Camp Winnarainbow Benefit
June 1st at San Geronimo Valley Cultural Center
2-6 pm.
With music from:
The Flying Other Brothers!
& The Greg Anton Project!
Sound by: Story Road / Nextarts

Wavy will be at Gathering of the Vibes
July 11, 12 and 13th
More info here

Wavy Will be at a Benefit for S.K.A.T.E. for Peace
to help build a skate board park in MArin
with Jefferson Starship, Quicksilver Gold & Vinyl.
Wavy G. special guest Emcee.
April 5th at Marin Center Exhibit Hall, San Rafael.
View the poster

Wavy Gravy will be showing some
art durring the SXSW Music fest.

SXSW is the music industry big conference
[ also now a film festival ] so lot's of music/film people
are in town. The Wavy opening will coincide with
this event. Wavy is also scheduled to be involved with
the conference in some as yet undetermined way. He
has a lot of 'fans' in Austin many who comprise the 'old
boy network' i.e the publisher of major alt. weekly &
co-founder of conference will give lots of ad space
etc and co-sponsor. Wild About Music is an art gallery
which presents works related to or by music people.

This will take place in March in Austin TX.
SXSW Details here
Wild About Music Art Gallery details here

WILD ABOUT MUSIC Art & Gift Gallery
[721 Congress at 8th Street]
Austin, Texas  78767  USA
Toll-free: (877) 370-1700
TX TEL:  (512) 708-1700
TX FAX: (512) 708-8600
CA TEL: (310) 318-3040
CA FAX: (310) 318-6657

Wavy Brings in the new year
With the other ones!
Photos here



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